Not more storage space

More storage space
Hello, I've reached the 300 mg available for free. So I bought 2 extra gigs this morning. Despite this, Zotero does not give the title of the added documents anymore, I can't make bibliographic references and the icon in the top right corner "attention" always tells me that I have not reached my quota. When I go to the storage page, the 2 GB activation is launched. What should I do?
Thank you very much

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  • If you're still seeing a storage quota error make sure you're syncing your application with the same account as you're logged in to the website with. You have storage so you shouldn't be getting a storage error with this account.

    This would not effect things other than uploading files though.
    If you're having issues other than seeing a sync error, tell us more about the problem you're having or read through the relevant troubleshooting pages for what's not working as expected.
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