Sync not working - empty storage directory

ID: 775165749
Syncing wheel is spinning, but files don't download from to local PC.
The Zotero/storage folder is empty.
If I press stop syncing, it won't stop.
The files are available online at
  • S3 returned 0 for 1/2F9QMQPN -- retrying download
    Something on your computer or network is blocking downloads from Amazon cloud servers. You'll have to debug that on your end. You can see Connection Error for general advice, but in your case it's specific connections that aren't working, not Zotero's network connection in general.
    You're also on an outdated version of Zotero, though it wouldn't affect this, which isn't a problem in Zotero itself.
  • Thanks for the answer"
    When I use a mobile hotspot as an internet connection says "OK"
    and the download works.
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