hide notes in public group library

Is there a way for me to make a group library public, but not share my notes? I'm not always appropriately circumspect in describing my feeling about some articles :)
  • on the website - settings - privacy. Not sure how that works for the group library, though.
  • "Not sure how that works for the group library, though. "

    Yeah, that's the problem. Works fine for my personal library, and I assumed it did the same for my group library. It doesn't.

    It was a bit of a jolt to see my "Dr. X is a chowderhead" notes being broadcast to the world. I actually didn't realize how snarky some of my annotations were until I saw them on the interwebs; I think maybe it's because I'm reading papers for classes when it's late and I want to be in bed :)
  • Privacy settings for groups are controlled by the group admin(s), and there's no privacy setting for notes for groups. If notes in a public group weren't public, who would see them?
  • Thanks for the answer, Dan. Seems like it would be nice to share your citations with the world, but limit note availability to fellow group members. Since many folks won't share their notes, they'll keep the whole library private, and that makes the internet sad.
  • I would also like to see the notes treated more circumspectly in public group libraries - namely that they are shared with group members but not open to all.
  • Me too. Notes are a different kind of information for many people. I was also a bit dismayed to see them included in public groups. One may want to share references publicly, but reading notes, even if they are shared amongst the group members, are another thing.
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