Sync Issue iOS

My iOS (latest testflight version) says it has 8 sync errors. When I click on the error, it says unable to upload PDF (CR3CU2E4) but on "show item" nothing is found, so I can't track the source of error. Debug ID is D1953131504. Cheers Daniel
  • @burgarth so when you tap the "Show Item" button, does the key (CR3CU2E4) appear in search field? Since there are 8 sync errors, there are probably multiple keys. Can you delete the other keys and try searching for one and see if that helps?
  • Thanks. When I tap on "Show Item", the key appears in search, but
    nothing is found. If I type this key manually, nothing is found
    either. Cheers, Daniel
  • @burgarth can you try looking for whole string or parts of "D'Alessandro - 2010 - Constructive decomposition of the controllability Lie algebra for quantum systems.pdf" ? That's the name of the file under key CR3CU2E4. Let me know if you can find it by name.
  • Thanks! I found that item and deleted it as well as emptying the trash. Now all issues are resolved!
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