JAMA or AMA style needs fixing

Hello, these styles do not display the journal title correctly in a bibliography. The journal name is supposed to be abbreviated, but there should be a period following ONLY the final word in the journal title, not each word.

When you download a reference from Pubmed in the abbreviated title field in zotero each word has a period. Rather than having to go through every citation in zotero library, is there a way to edit the style(s) to make them display properly?

I'm trying to preach the Zotero message to our health sciences people, but if zotero can't format these styles properly without lots of tweaking, how will I convince them?
  • http://www.zotero.org/support/kb/journal_abbreviations
  • Good to know. Thanks Adam!
  • edited February 7, 2012
    There is a slight formatting issue with the alignment of JAMA. The reference should appear with the number then text and then the second line of the text should align with the text above and not with the number.
  • hj.quinn - where are you getting this from? I looked at recent JAMA articles and that's not how it looks.
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