Add the currently open paper to a collection

Sometimes when I'm reading a paper, I want to add it to a Collection. It seems that at present, there is no way to do this from the PDF/Paper Viewer tab. I need to go back to the main overview, find the paper, and then drag it to the collection. Am I missing something?
  • Right-click on the tab and select Show in Library to jump back to the parent item in the library.

    We could consider adding a way to do this from the PDF reader, but I wouldn't really expect it to be very common. (I believe you're the first to request this.)
  • Thanks, that helps! For me, having access to the info of the paper I'm reading would be really useful, e.g. copying citekey. Being able to have the info box from the main library view as a sidebar to reading would be great, both for referring to info while reading, and updating it where necessary.
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    Click the item-pane button on the right side of the PDF reader toolbar. (The second bullet point on the Zotero 6 announcement is "Clean up metadata for items while viewing your PDFs".)
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