bibliography in Word does not update in 6.0.8 version

Hi, I have been working on a document in Word and all worked fine. Now after the Zotero update, when I am adding new references to the document, they do not appear in the bibiliography within the document. When I click on "refresh" the bibliography only shows the newly inserted references and all other references are gone. Has anyone else encountered this problem or found a solution? Thanks
  • See this guide to rule out nothing else has happened to your document that could've flattened your citations:
  • Thanks for the tip, but all citations are active...
  • How are you determining that? It sounds like the old ones aren't active.

    Delete the bibliography completely and reinsert it. If it doesn't show some of your citations, those likely were corrupted by something you or someone else did to the document.
  • They are greyed out, when I click on them.
    But anyways, I will now just go through the document and reinsert ALL citations.
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    They can be highlighted and still be corrupted.

    If you click within a citation and click Add/Edit Citation, the citation dialog should appear with the blue citation bubble shown. If there's no citation bubble, the citation is broken and needs to be reinserted.

    Assuming you find broken citations, be sure you've read through the linked page to understand the actions that would cause this. It's not a problem in Zotero itself.
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