Deselecting Tags

I have the tag pane open in the desktop app. When I select a tag I see the items linked to it. In order to select another tag, I need first to click to "Deselect All" from the menu at the bottom of the pane. Ideally I would click on another tag and see the items associated to it. But if I don't "Deselect All", first, I cannot select another tag. Am I doing something wrong?
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    You may just be misunderstanding how the tag selector works.

    When "Display All Tags in This Library" is off, as it is by default, the tag selector shows you all tags associated with items in the current view. That means that, once you select a tag, the list of tags is narrowed down to the tags on items that also have the first tag you clicked, and you'd be able to click those.

    If you've enabled "Display All Tags in This Library", it will show all tags, including those that don't match any items in the current view. So if you click one tag, many tags will turn gray to indicate that they don't match the current set of items, and those won't be clickable — it wouldn't make sense, since no items would match both tags. Tags that are associated with items that have the first tag will remain in black and be clickable.

    That mode exists to make it possible to drag items to (gray) tags that aren't currently assigned to them after filtering by another tag.

    It's not currently possible to do a boolean OR search for tags using the tag selector, if that's what you're trying to do. You have to do that via a search.
  • @dstillman Thank you very much. This was clear to me. The problem (and I might express mysel badly) was slightly different.

    If I want to navigate my library using tags I have always to deselect all of them in order to have the whole list active again to continue my tag navigation.

    The solution could be to have a shortcut for deselecting all tags. But I discovered that if I click the tag again it deselects it – I just need to wait a little while to see My Library in full and the tags to be available for selection again.

    A shortcut would be great – is there a way to create it?

    Many thanks indeed for your help – this is greatly appreciated. No need to reply if it is NOT possible to create a shortcut for deselecting all tags.
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