APA page number help

Hello everyone!

On the header of this article 10.5812/ircmj.14903 (doi is invalid but google search will bring it up), it has e14903 as page number. Am I missing something here? Never met that before.

Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2017 October; 19(10):e14903.
  • That’s the page number. It’s an electronic only journal, so it has “article numbers” for each article rather than a page range. But you can cite it just like a page.

    Technically, APA manual wants the word “Article” in front of these. That’s unique to that style and pretty dumb in my opinion—it really is just a page number. Even many APA journals ignore that rule.
  • (but if you must, you can get that in APA style by putting number: e14903 in the Extra field
  • @adamsmith does the "number:" feature work in other languages? For me it doesn't seem to do. It inserts "Article" even if I change the language.
  • "Article" is currently hard-coded, so no, wouldn't be localized to other languages -- @bwiernik -- I guess we could use <text term="article-journal"/>?
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