Zotero Word plugin does not detect Mendeley Cite references- Content controls?

edited May 24, 2022
I'm in the process of escaping from Mendeley due to their recent changes and poor support for OSX. I was able to successfully import my library (retaining all groups--amazing work from Zotero!).

However, most citations in my Word documents are not being recognized by Zotero. Digging a little, it appears that somewhere along the line Mendeley started using content controls instead of field codes. I'm guessing this has something to do with it.

Am I sunk and have to manually re-create all of my citations? Did Mendeley manage to find a way to burn me one more time on the way out the hatch?
  • You'll need to reinsert, I'm afraid. Zotero can read citations created by Mendeley Desktop, but not Mendeley Cite. (Of course, even Mendeley Desktop can't read Mendeley Cite citations.) I've updated the documentation to reflect this.
  • Agh. I've started going down that road already as it seemed to be the case. Good riddance Elsevier, glad I didn't get even more entangled in their new ecosystem.
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