APA in-text citation for Book Section (chapter) incorrect format?

Here is an example of what happens when I add an in-text citation (using Word plugin) for a book chapter I am citing in APA 7th edition.

"This book says this (Phillips, Crouse, et al., 1998)."

When I add/edit citation using the plug in, the red pop up/search bar shows the way I think the citation should be, which is to only display the first author if there are more than 2 authors. "Phillips et al., 1998."
But when I hit enter, the citation changes to what is above, including the first and second author listed. How can I correct this, and still have the citation refresh as usual.

  • If you cite another work by Philips et al. with a different 2nd author (as I suspect you do), this -- to disambiguate the two -- is correct APA style.
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