Missing Articles

Hey, some of the articles that I inputted into the Web Library are not appearing. It just shows it as untitled. What can be done to be able to see those articles?
  • I'm afraid we need more details: how did you add these items into web library - manually or using "add by identifier"? Do you actually see word "Untitled" in web library? Do these articles appear correctly in Zotero?
  • I added the articles in manually. In one view it appears as Untitled but in the way I see it it doesn’t show the word Untitled. The articles appear correctly but for some reason some of my articles are not showing. Its listed but there is no Title, Creator information. It does show the date that I input it in my library though
  • In web library, as soon as you enter a value into a field, it should be saved immediately (there is a tiny spinner next to the field to indicate that). Do you say you enter a value (say a title) and then it disappears?

    Also, is there any reason you're entering this in web library and not Zotero? Zotero offers many ways to add items, so it's possible to avoid manually entering items in most cases.

  • Hey, so there is a total of 125 articles within my web library. For most of them, I can see the title, creator, and dates that I inputted them, but then there are some that do not show the title or creator. They do show the dates I inputted them though. The only thing that I did was add the publication date to one and that's when I could no longer see some of the articles. The articles are not showing up at all. Is there a way to restore it or what can be done to see those articles? Where did they go? Isn't the web library part of Zotero? I'm doing it the way my manager showed me which was in the web library.
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    Can you take a few screenshots of what you're describing, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here, or email to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread? (We'll respond here.)
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