Could you add the CRTS library?

Hi there,
Is it possible to get Zotero to parse the pages on the CRTS library?
Right now any resources I look up in there download as a saved web page instead of a bibliographic entry with call number.
Thanks for considering!
  • @AbeJellinek -- the MARC is pretty easily accessible, so you could consider doing this -- the VTLS-Chamo catalog they're using is ~10 years old and you don't see it much anymore, so this won't apply widely.
  • @AbeJellinek @adamsmith Any further updates? It would be fantastic if this could be done! I know of many more students, graduates, and professors who use the CRTS library, and Zotero was recommended to me by one of my professors when I studied there. I've used it ever since, and it just keeps getting better!
  • @AbeJellinek @adamsmith Hello friends, could you as yet please consider adding this catalog? It would be very much appreciated! Thanks for considering!
  • I just wanted to say yet, thanks for implementing this request! We've been using it for quite a number of months now, and it works really well!
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