Change delimiter ";" into "," when multiple cite.

Hi, there! I want to change delimiter ";" into "," when multiple cite.
Before asking, I've tried much but got nothing.

Now it looks like "(Campbell and Pedersen 2007; Wang et al 2021)"
And I want "(Campbell and Pedersen 2007, Wang et al 2021)"

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    Always better if you tell us which style, as we can just point to the line of code.

    Find the part that starts with "citation", in there you'll see a "layout" section with a delimiter set. That delimiter you need to change.

    (If you fail making this change, either tell us which style from the repository you're editing or share your entire custom style via
  • Thanks for you reply!

    I try to change the delimiter in layout, but it always say "Citeproc exception: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'suppress_decorations')"

    I changed the style based on Chinese-GB7714-2015(Because of the demands of HuaZhong Agricultural University).

    I try to use pastebin.
    "Pastebin’s SMART filters have detected potentially offensive or questionable content in your paste.
    The content you are trying to publish has been deemed potentially offensive or questionable by our filters, because of this you’re receiving this warning.
    This paste can only be published with the visibility set to "Private"."

    Are there any other solutions?
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    You can use (switch the language to XML) and share the link through that. But there is a myriad of these services. You can use any of them.
  • - You have 2 "layout" sections in "citation". That's just not valid CSL. "locale" is also not allowed on layouts.
    - You have an empty group on line 148. Delete.
    - You have an unused macro (accessed-date). Delete if you're not using it
    - You have a suffix on a macro element. Not valid CSL. Delete that suffix in line 204.

    Generally, use to see what's wrong.
  • Thanks for your reply. This is the first time I use CSL format.

    But only valid CSL can change the delimiter?

    Cause we need to cite both Chinese and English paper, some locales are needed.
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    The locales you need to set via the locale section. We have many multilingual styles. For example, see how APA has all the locales at the beginning and the terms are rendered in the citation/biliography layouts depending on those:

    But you can not create different layouts based on the language. Not possible with normal CSL and Zotero. Depending your needs you might need to look at Juris-M.
    But remove the default locale set on line 2.

    "But only valid CSL can change the delimiter?"
    No, but only valid CSL works.
  • Thanks for your help!
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