Add Item by indientifier - ISBN is not always working

After giving many Zotero - Workshops (2.0b7.4) over the last few weeks I repeatedly encountered Problems when using the Add item by identifier feature, meaning that some ISBN-Numbers seem to work while others don't. Which database is Zotero using? Is it possible that the feature is not working when the book is in an uncommon language or if it is very new? Is it better to use the long ISBN-NUmber or the short one?

Furthermore it occured yesterday, that one user could save books from our library catalogue or from to zotero, but not from amazon. I didn't know what to tell her, this had never happened before and the other users could save books from amazon - does anyone have an explanation for this?
  • Zotero is using Worldcat for ISBNs - I don't know which type of ISBNs work best.
    As for problem number 2: Hard to say - she could file an error report, after going through all the troubleshooting steps:
    My first guess would be an incompatible extension (there are some known ones, but a good chance that others exist.)
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