About the problem that science direct cannot download PDF.

I just used zotero recently, and I really like this software. It is so convenient and I support the hard work of the authors.
But I recently encountered a problem. When I use zotero to download ScienceDirect papers, I can't download it successfully (the previous use was normal), the browser plug-in appearsāŒ, and other publishers' papers can be downloaded normally, only ScienceDirect is like this, reinstall After that, it still doesn't work, how can I solve it? Thanks!

Two other suggestions:
1. Zotero cannot use two citation formats in a word. In this way, when writing a paper, direct citation and indirect citation cannot be distinguished. Only after writing is readjusted. I hope the author can allow the two forms to coexist, just like Endnote That way, for example: Tom (2022) and (Tom, 2022)
2. When inserting references, you always need to search, whether you can directly select the literature in the literature library like Endnote, and then press the citation button to automatically cite.

The above is a personal suggestion I came across and I hope it helps you. I wish you all the best, thank you!
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