Quick way to get formatted citation of a paper into clip-board

Hello Zotero forum,

I often want to copy-paste a plain text citations of paper in my library into documents.
What is the quickest way of doing this?

If I go through the right click/Create Citation/Copy to Cliboard route I ended up with html code in my clipboard instead of plain text.

Thanks you
  • 1. Right click on item
    2. Create bibliography from item
    3. choose the citation style
    4. choose if you need the note or bibliography
    5. choose "copy to clipboard"
  • Thanks for the response but this is the route that gives me html code in the clipboard instead of plain text (also it is not exactly 'quick').
  • In preferences under "Export" remove the checkbox for "Copy as HTML" and set your citation style.

    You can use Ctrl+Shift+A or C to do this faster also. (see under "Edit" the shortcut mentioned)
  • You can also use the Zutilo plugin to set a different shortcut key
  • Yeah, to be clear, the "quick" method here would be Quick Copy, which is Ctrl-Shift-A and Ctrl-Shift-C or drag-and-drop, not using right-click. Unless you've checked "Copy as HTML" you shouldn't get HTML code, but some programs may not handle it properly.
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