zotero and word 2010

does zotero work with
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. version 14.0.7258.5000 (64 bit)
under Windows 10 Familial. version 21H2.

the zotero.dotm is well installed, but it wont lunch at all, word saying :
"Cannot find macro Or it has been disabled by macro security settings".

but in the macro security settings I have enabled all macro.

thanks for help

  • There is one newer version of Word that you could update to. Otherwise, what happens when you open Zotero.dotm directly? Is this a personal or university computer? Some word features may be disabled by administrative policy.
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    please give me a list of new Word version that guaranteed to be working with Zotero.

    when I open it directly word say the same message.

    it's a personal computer.
  • You should always be running the latest version of Word. Unless users like yourself report issues with a version of Word we don't test them. There's no particular reason to believe this is necessarily a bug in Word, but it can't hurt updating.

    Otherwise it's hard to say what's causing this and it's really a Word, not a Zotero issue, so Microsoft support is likely to be able to offer more help. You will have to try changing Word macro security settings and seeing whether that does anything.
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    for help , wish version of word you are using now for testing ?
    thank you.
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    There aren't generally differences between different minor versions of Word — we test major new versions, but Zotero works with everything from Word 2010 to Word 2021. Updating to the latest version before doing anything else is just standard advice you'd get with any software problem, but this is almost certainly just a problem with the security settings on your computer.
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