iOS Zotero Annotation Function Requests


I really appreciate the ios app for Zotero. As far as I know, this is the only reference tool program that offers handwritten & perfectly synced annotation across ipads and laptop/computers.
Just a few requests for the ipad annotation in order of importance and urgency:

- An eraser function. Otherwise there's no way of editing or erasing freehand annotations after syncing.

- Wider range of pen sizes for freehand annotations, especially smaller/finer tips.

- Darker colors (Black!!) for freehand annotations. Or just a wider range of colors overall.

- Filter handwritten annotations by color. This would be useful on the desktop version too.

- Wider range of pen types & freestyle highlighting

These requests have probably been made before. But since I've opted for Zotero unlimited storage mainly because of the ipad app, I really hope the annotation function can be improved quickly!
ln the long run, it would be great if Zotero could incorporate other basic features of note-taking apps such as lasso tools and pressure-sensitive pens.
  • I would like to second pen types/pen point size. The app is super helpful but I really wish would could make the pen point smaller (finer lines) when doing freehand annotations.
  • You can adjust the pen size by pressing and holding on the ink tool.
  • I need the function of eraser, too!
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