Unable to save item directly from PDF online

I used to be able to save a document which loaded as PDF in my browser to my Zotero using the connector. It wouldn't always get the metadata right, but I could edit that in the app. However, now when I view a PDF file I want to save to my library, the connector icon in my browser is greyed out, and it isn't even an option to save it. Can you advise?
  • That depends on how the PDF is opened: If the PDF is opened straight from the website, i.e. the address in your URL bar starts with http, you can still do this. If the PDF is downloaded to your computer and then opened in your browser (i.e. the URL starts with file: or C: or /User or so), this has never been possible. This latter option is now more prominent in some browsers, so you're more likely to see it.
  • I see. The URL begins with chrome-extension://, so does that mean it is downloading onto my machine? I don't see the file in my downloads.
  • Ah, I figured it out. Just posting in case anyone else comes here w/ same problem. I noticed there is an Adobe extension in my Chrome browser now (I don't think I actively put it there, so not quite sure how that happened). I clicked it and toggled the setting that says 'use Acrobat in Chrome' to off. I can now save the PDF.
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