Error 74516105 - troubles importing a library from Citavi

Importing had not been an issue with similar libraries before, even ones with a large number of entries. It doesn't seem to work anymore. Any clues of what to do in these cases? (Don't have access to Citavi anymore, so trying to migrate the last of my libraries to Zotero)
  • Does the import wizard end up showing an error? How long does it take for it to appear?

    Could you please run with debug enabled and post a Debug ID?
  • Also just to make sure, did you follow the instructions on this page? Please make sure you've selected a .ctv5 or .ctv6 file for import, as described on that page.
  • tnajdek, I did follow the instructions. As I said in the original post, I had no trouble with previous libraries, some of them equally as long as the one that I have been problems with (about 2000 entries long). Thank you for the suggestion to enable debugging! It might have done the trick for now!
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    Debug logging doesn't fix anything — it's just to produce a log. If it's working now, you may have done something different this time. Your error report suggests you were selecting the wrong kind of file originally.
  • I understand, but just trying debug logging made the trick for some reason. I did exactly what the instructions dictated (which had worked before several times). No clue what happened, but grateful that it did
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