ArXiv preprints classified as "reports" rather than "preprints"

When I save math papers from arXiv using the connector they get imported into Zotero as "reports" rather than "preprints" Before they got imported as "journal articles" and that was fine. Now, however, there is a new item type: preprint. Based on some searching it seems that this item type is exactly intended for things like arXiv postings. Is this a bug? Where should I report it?
  • The current release version of the connector doesn't know about the preprint type yet. A beta version that does is available for Firefox and Safari; if you use that, arXiv papers should be detected and saved as preprints correctly. A stable release with support for preprints will be out for all browsers soon.

    Regardless, though, a report item with "Type: article" in the Extra field is the correct way to save preprints in versions of the connector and client that don't support the preprint type. The citation that Zotero generates should be identical. If you'd like, you can change the item's type to preprint after adding. (We eventually plan to make that conversion automatic.)
    Where should I report it?
    Report bugs here, as you did.
  • Hi,

    I found this problem is still not fixed in zotero. I think new "preprint" type is good and "article" is also acceptable. But why change to "report" type in current release? I simply do not understand.
  • As stated above, use the beta version of the Connector. A release version with Preprint support will be out soon. Journal Article is not the right item type for arXiv items and its use in the past was a historical artifact.
  • There is no beta connector for Chrome. Anyway, please update the connector soon. Thank you.
  • I have met the same problems, the paper i saved before isn't as same as it's now. I hope it can be formatted uniformly.
  • Another related feature of arxiv: Is it possible to automatically update an arxiv item metadata to the formally accepted version?
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