Changing from parenthetical citations to numerical citations

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I am using the Zotero Word Plugin for the first time but instead of writing the parenthetical (Starrs et al., 2019), I would like to number them sequentially (superscripts). How can I change this preference? Also, when I insert the reference in the text, I'd like the citation to be automatically added to the bottom of the document as a bibliography and then updated as I move forward.

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  • You're looking for a note style.
    Chicago is by far one of the most widely used styles, but we have plenty more to choose from:

    Using note styles the numbers are inserted via Word. To get them superscript you'll need to change that in Word, not Zotero.
  • Thank you for your response. I have already chosen APA via preferences but I'd like to add superscripts instead of parenthetical references. Can you please walk me thru the steps to change this (Starrs et al., 2019) to numerical superscript?
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    If you're using the same reference twice, should that use the same superscripted number or should all numbers be sequential? (edit: also -- any reason you want to use APA style? That's typically parenthetical)
  • The same reference twice should use the original number (same superscripted number that is listed in the citations). I don’t need to use APA - that’s what I typically use for the citations at the end. Anything is fine though. Thanks!
  • We already have that -- just switch to this style:
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