zotero MS Word 2016 for mac

I want to edit the bibliographie on my word document but when à do so in the format IEEE, I have the number going on the right side and not on the left. Is it coming from my zotero or from word? And I cannot edit a citation with the numbers also. It let the name of the author. Anyone can help me?
  • I have the numbers in citation now, but still have the numbers on the left and so the numbers are not the correct citation...
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    How exactly are you adding citations to Word? You want to be using the Word plugin. Copying and pasting IEEE citations to Word doesn't work well.
  • I'm using a plug in in word yes. I finally found how to have the good format, but still have some trouble with IEEE citations exactly. When i add a citation in my text, it doesn't correspond to the number in my bibliography. But I think I will do it manually at the end unless a miracle happen lol. My friend is not on Macintosh and she has no problem. Thank you for your answer
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