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Hi all,

When reading a longer piece I export it to tablet via Zotfile for reading and annotation in the evening and return it to Zotero in the morning for reading and annotations on the computer. Then there is two annotated PDF files, one for tablet and one for Zotero. Is there a way to avoid there being two files? If not, is there a way of keeping all annotations in one place?

Any input or url to related question will be appreciated, thanks.
  • If you are using an iPad, use the official Zotero iPad app instead.

    Otherwise, you want to use the Send to Tablet and Retrieve from Tablet functions from Zotfile. This should not create 2 different versions of the file.
  • Thank you. I use your second option. But if I began annotate on the computer, these annotations do not follow the file to the tablet. This came to be with the new tab system released some time ago. So when exporting to tablet there is no annotations in the PDF. Maybe that's where the reason for two colours lay? They are not identical to begin with.
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    ZotFile doesn't know anything about annotations created within Zotero, which are stored in the Zotero database. If you're using an external PDF reader elsewhere, you'll likely want to use an external PDF reader on the desktop as well.
  • Thanks. I see. I do use an external PDF reader elsewhere, but I love the features of the Zotero reader, the tabs and the annotations on the left and the notes on the right side. Could I not add item notes from annotation from both the PDF's and then merge those to notes?
  • You could. You can also always import embedded PDF annotations into Zotero via File → Import Annotations in the PDF reader. You just won't see annotations created in Zotero in the external reader unless you export the file.

    What I'm not sure about is what ZotFile does with the existing attachment item when you use Get from Tablet. It's possible it just copies in the modified PDF file itself, in which case the externally created annotations would show up with a lock icon in the PDF reader along with any annotations created within Zotero and you could import the external ones via File → Import Annotations.
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