Cannot open files

Dear all, sorry if this a stupid question, but my main laptop crashed (where my data directory was stored) and I have just tried to load my zotero library on a temporary laptop. Most of the files are not opening, however, even though before the download of the Zotero app, I could access at least one of the pdf using the web version of my library. None of the pdfs are showing up on the temporary laptop, and neither can I see them on the online one now. Can someone help? The error message says "file not found.. the attached file could not be found at the following path".
  • Unfortunately that just means the files were never uploaded from the computer where you added them.

    It looks like you were previously at your 2 GB storage quota, which would've prevented further files from uploading. Zotero would've been showing you a warning about that on every sync, indicated by a warning icon next to the sync button that you could click on for more information.

    You upgraded to 6 GB today, but that doesn't help at this point — the files were never uploaded to begin with.

    If you have a backup of your Zotero data directory from the old computer, you'd be able to restore from that, but that's the only option.
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