Automatically Upload Highlighted PDFs

After adding documents to Zotero I have read and highlighted some text in the PDFs on my PC. But those highlighted PDFs are not being synced with the Zotero Cloud service. I saw some place where they say how to set the settings but that is not working. Please provide the exact steps to update the PDFs from my PC to the cloud. Thanks...
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    If you mean that you created annotations in the built-in PDF reader in Zotero 6, those annotations aren't yet shown in the online library. They'll show up and be editable in the Zotero PDF reader on other computers and in the iOS app.
  • But They are not in the Online (Cloud) version. How do I get those annotations there?
  • Could you step back and say exactly what you're trying to do/achieve? I.e. what specific workflow isn't working. As dstillman says, the annotations are just not visible in the web library, that doesn't mean they're not synced.
  • 1. I drag a PDF to my desktop Zotero.
    2. It appears on the Zotero desktop program and website.
    3. On my desktop I use the desktop Zotero version to highlight some lines in the PDF.
    4. I check the cloud website version of Zotero and the cloud version of the PDF on the website has not been updated to show the highlights.

    Why are the PDFs not updating on the cloud version?
  • PDF annotations made in Zotero are not part of the file:

  • So the highlights are stored somewhere how do you see them on the Zotero website version of the PDF or on another computer synched to my Zotero database?
  • I answered this above.
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