Possibility to enable the Zotfile's annotation extraction in Zotero 6?


In Zotero 6, is it still possible to enable Zotfile's Extract pdf annotation function?

  • Annotations are automatically extracted by Zotero’s PDF reader now, so using Zotfile’s function is no longer required
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    Hello Zoteros,

    I will follow up on this (and the former discussion on this topic), because I still can't get my workflow to work after Zotfile was replaced. So I am hoping to find some help here.

    I am using a non-markdown based writing programm for my thesis (Scrivener). I was relying on the hyperlinks in the notes created by Zotfile. At the end of each annotation, there was a (blue) citation (author year:page), that served as a hyperlink (zotero://open-pdf...). I could simply copy and paste the note content into my writing programm, and all the hyperlinks retained their format and functionality.

    Currently, the html export doesn't include links and the links in the the markdown export are not clickable for me. Can you include proper links in the html export or is there any other work around you would suggest for my workflow?

    Thank you!
  • @droitalaville: This is still planned. We'll try to get to it soon.
  • @dstillman Ok, thank you very much! Appreciate it
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