My recently saved file got changed to a week old save

Yesterday I finished writing a word document and I remember I saved it before closing word. I know that Zotero automatically later syncs it online. But today I woke up and my word document changed to a week old one, where 7 page progress was missing. Is this because I updated Zotero and didn't close and open it or did Word
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    Are you saying you're storing the Word document in Zotero? We wouldn't generally recommend that.

    The most likely reason for this is just you (or someone else, if this is a group) having the file open on multiple computers, and then choosing the wrong side when Zotero presented a file sync conflict. The same problem could happen with any file syncing service, but ones that are meant more for general file storage (e.g., Dropbox) tend to create duplicate versions of files in the folder when there are conflicts. Since Zotero isn't designed to sync regular filesystem folders in the same way, it just presents a conflict resolution window and lets you choose a side.
  • Yea, I understood that later on reading about it more detailed. It is my bad that I thought I could use Zotero as cloud storage. I should be careful next time and use gdrive or OneDrive. Thank you for replying
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