Catalog not working with connector

edited May 17, 2022
Hello guys, recently the italian SBN changed their OPAC with a new one. The SBN opac is the collective catalogue of the National Library Service (SBN). Since SBN it's the library network of the whole country, it's quite a big deal not being able to import references using the connector.
The problem is that it fails to retrieve metadata from the records. The steps I did were: making a simple research, like "promessi sposi" by Alessandro Manzoni, getting a record of one of the many prints available, and trying to import with the connector.
If I did everything right, this should be the debug ID: D2145997455

This is the link to SBN OPAC:

Any help appreciated (if the problem lies on SBN side, I could try to get in contact with the developers... I'm not sure how responsive they are, but it's worth a try)
  • I've edited my previous post with the actual link (sorry I forgot to include it the first time). @dstillman by any chance, do you have time to look into this please?
  • We just haven't released a translator for the new catalog software they're using yet - no problem on their end. I'll work on it and update this thread when it's available.
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