latest version of CSL locale fr-FR not supported by Zotero?

Following the latest major updates of the "en" CSL locale files, new French translations have been provided for the new terms introduced, such as "original-work-published". However, when I display a bibliography with APA 7 and French language selected (both in Zotero Style Editor and in a word processor), the term displayed is the English term and not the French one, i.e. "Original work published" instead of "├ędition originale". What is the process for Zotero to take into account the latest version of CSL locale fr-FR? Thanks for your help.
  • The styles need to be updated to use the new terms, which hasn't been done.
  • Thank you for your answer. If I understand correctly, the update in APA should be replacing line 1585
    <text value="Original work published"/>
    <text term="original-work-published"/>
    I have tried this, but it prints "original work published" instead of "├ędition originale" with French language selected.
  • Hi,

    Also interested by these changes, wish I could use ISO-690 with the new terms and translations. Is there some kind of guide to help to do so? Or maybe an exemple of an updated style before and after the update?
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