Zotero API integration and Follett Destiny API

Zotero and Follett both have APIs. Is anyone aware of a existing solution that would allow Zotero to pull bibliographic info from Follett Destiny? If not, is anyone willing to attempt this or can anyone recommend an API developer that might be willing to do it?
  • What's your goal? If the idea is to have Zotero's Connector work on Follett pages, the issue would be whether the Follett API can return metadata for an item without requiring a private API key. If it can, we can take a look (my very quick look suggested this isn't the case, but I could be wrong). Otherwise, this just isn't possible and I didn't see anything on Destiny pages that'd hold metadata.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Yes, the the goal is for the Zotero Connector to pull the bibliographic info from Follett. We encourage all of our students to use Zotero and it's a problem that it doesn't work with our own library system.
  • I would like to see this developed as well!
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