BUG: Problem with Zotero Web Library UI

edited May 11, 2022
When the text in a field overflows the column width, the next column gets misaligned.

How to reproduce:

1. Add at least two entries to your library
2. Change the width of the "Title" column so that only one of the entries overflows
3. Now, look at the "Creator" column (the one next to "Title") and see that it's misaligned (the Creator of the entry that has overflowed is indented by one space I think)

Note that this only happens in the Web Library, not the desktop application.

Here's two screenshots (before and after resizing) to further demonstrate what I meant:


  • Thanks, appreciate the screenshots, will look into it.
  • We've implemented some tweaks to improve column width management. Next time you visit web library, this issue should be fixed.
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