sync error on removed entries/file attachments (can not removEmptyDir Javascript error)

I got various syncerrors that a file-dir can not removed because they are not empty. I get these errors on a win 10 machine that I did not sync for some weeks. Since the file/archive names are cryptical to me I can not see exactly which Zotero entries are affected, but I suppose it has to do with the fact, that in the time I did not sync the win10 machine I pureged a lot of zotero-entries/file attachments that I did not need anymore on my other mobile machine under Linux from zotero.
error-report ID: 352732151
Thanks for any help to sync correctly
  • [JavaScript Error: "Win error 145 during operation removeEmptyDir on file C:\Users\[…]\Zotero\storage\36RMKV9X (Das Verzeichnis ist nicht leer.
    This could be due to security software preventing Zotero from writing to the disk, a problem with the permissions in the data directory, or having those PDFs open elsewhere on the system (though that usually results in a different error).

    Since you deleted the files elsewhere, the sync is trying to delete them here and that's failing. That's not a problem in Zotero itself, so you'll need to figure out why Zotero isn't able to remove those folders.
  • Thanks for your quick reply. It's on a computer on my workplace so maybe it is a good bet, that some security restrictions from the admin-team is preventing Zotero from deleting.
    Would it be a problem, when I try to remove the directories from my disk "manually" i.e. on OS level in the windows explorer? Or would this confuse Zotero?
  • N.B.
    I am one of those users who need the "unlimited" storage package. So a complete new sync is not what I prefere...
  • You can delete the folders that show up in the error report manually, but there's no guarantee that Zotero will be able to actually write the new files after — whatever's preventing the deletion might prevent that as well.
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