adding citations not functionning

I work in a Mac and after installing my Zotero connector and opening my library, I have tried to add a citation or bibliography in my google docs but it is not responding. Anyone can help?
  • Can you say more? What exactly is happening?

    Have you tried restarting your browser and Zotero?

    There's a good chance that the citation dialog is just appearing behind the main Zotero window (or on another monitor if you're using multiple displays).

    If you're still having trouble, we'd want to see a Debug ID from Zotero for trying to insert a citation.
  • I have restarted the computer and still nothing happens. But I am able to choose the add/edit citation option. The problem is that nothing happens when I press that option. Thanks.
  • See above.
  • Managed to sort it out. Thank you!
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