Can't install Zotero extension on LibreOffice on Mac, error ID:2040460339

I can't install Zotero extension on LibreOffice on Mac. How to do it? Tried a lot of times, it never works
  • I already tried everything, I installed the highest version of LibreOffice, I installed the JDK, the "use a Java environments" is checked in the libreOffice parameters, with Oracle Corporation in the liste.
    My Mac is on macOS Big Sur version 11.6 (20G165);
    My LibreOffice is on version
    My Zotero is on 6.0.7 version.
    I installed the LibreOffice plugin, the Zotero toolbars appears but doesn't responds.
    I feel so sad about it, I'm so depressed, It has been longtime that I tried to resolve the problem. I feel hopeless.
  • Try the stable version of LibreOffice 7.2.7. Try installing an older version of JDK. Generally, this is a LibreOffice, not Zotero bug, so their support may be able to help you.
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