The number in the "Notes" column is not correct

I have a question... what number is supposed to appear in the "Notes" column, in the library tab? The number of notes associated to each item?

At least in my case, the program returns a number that does not always match the real one (but it is correct in the right pane, "Notes" tab).
  • It includes "embedded notes" for attachment items.
  • I didn't know that the "table of contents" added by Zofile, are in fact embedded notes to the PDFs. I was trying to discern the articles that I have already parsed, having their notes, from those that don't, but I realize that I can't use that parameter.

    Is there any trick, in order to identify already processed items?

  • It includes "embedded notes" for attachment items.
    Is it possible to delete these Table of Contents notes?
  • Is a pdf attachment also an "embedded note"? I'm asking because what I see in my notes column right now is the sum of actual "Notes" and the attached pdfs (which also show up as a pdf icon).

    Since a column for attachments is already an option, it seems like the Notes column should not count them.
  • I also have this problem. I would really appreciate it if the Notes column would only count the actual notes and not embedded notes. OR, if there's some functionality I a missing for counting both, if a separate Zotero-Notes only column could be added. The Zotero-Notes only column is useful to check at a glance if you have already written a literature note for a given article.
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