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We are evaluating Zotero, more precisely the Zotero Lab subscription that offers user management. We want to understand the user features available with that subscription. Is there an evaluation period for the Zotero Lab subscription? Thank you.
  • Zotero Lab subscriptions provide members of your organization with unlimited personal and group cloud storage.

    All users still register a Zotero account normally, and the accounts belong to the user even if they have storage provided by an organization. Nothing else changes for users compared to using Zotero with the free level of storage, so you can start with that to see if Zotero will work for you.
  • Thank you fcheslack.

    We need to be able to redirect all the data from a user that has left the organisation to another. I was trying to establish that through my question about user management. We want to confirm that we can keep control over the individual user data. Is that possible?
  • A user's account and their personal library belongs to them.

    For collaborative work you'll want to use Zotero groups (https://www.zotero.org/support/groups) which allow for the owner/admins to remove users if they should no longer be part of the group.

    When a user is removed, they'll still have the option to keep a copy of the group library on their local computer (the same way they could make a copy before they left).

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