Feature request - notes sorting and sync

Hi. After the last update I found that all notes now are sorted based on revised dates when I open the Zotero. But I remembered that they were sorted ascendingly in previous versions. Can we have this feature back or add a sorting button in the Notes panel to sort Notes? I know Notes can be searched in the box but this is not always convenient. And I'm also wondering if it's possible to achieve that when closing Zotero in one computer with some files opened and opening Zotero in another computer, these files are opened automatically in that second computer. Thanks!
  • If you're referring to the Notes pane in the PDF reader, they were briefly changed to sort alphabetically in 6.0.5 but switched back to reverse-chronological in 6.0.6. You can toggle sortNotesChronologically.reader in the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the preferences to switch them back to alphabetical.

    (This is documented in the changelog.)
  • Many thanks for your response. Helped a lot!!
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