Zotero connector and firefox proxy addon [solved]

edited May 11, 2022
Hello, I'm encountering some problems using my university proxy together with the connector. When I switch on the proxy, the connector cannot reach zotero desktop anymore.
Reading this post:
I see that (localhost) must be excluded from the proxy. I've tried using foxyproxy, which has a native blacklist for those addresses, but it's still not working.
For our university we actually have a custom addon to enable the proxy, but if we find a working solution, I can work with the developer to implement it. For now, we can try with foxyproxy which public.
Do you have any idea as to fix the issue?

(don't know if it's useful: but our addon use proxy by directly entering proxy name and port, avoiding a pac. I did setup foxyproxy in the same way)
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