Cannot open associated PDF files nor have right-click menu


Starting a while ago, I don't have access to a significant portion of my PDFs if I am using the System Default PDF reader instead of the built-in PDF reader. I can open them with the built-in PDF reader.
Furthermore, on the items of My Library where this occurs I also don't see the right-click menu.
I created a debug output log: D1231231041.
A report ID: 1485312214

Here is the information about my system:
version => 6.0.6, platform => Win32, oscpu => Windows NT 10.0; WOW64, locale => en-GB, appName => Zotero, appVersion => 6.0.6, extensions => Zotero LibreOffice Integration (6.0.0.SA.6.0.6, extension), Zotero Word for Windows Integration (6.0.0.SA.6.0.6, extension), Zutilo Utility for Zotero (3.10.0, extension), ZotFile (5.1.1, extension)

  • Also created a new Report ID in a portable version of Zotero:
  • Have you manually changed paths before using Zutilo? That file has an absolute path set (not a relative path), and it contains a combination of backslashes (appropriate on Windows) and slashes (invalid on Windows). So either you manually changed the paths with Zutilo or something happened when enabling/disabling a Linked Attachment Base Directory or switching between systems.

    We might be able to handle that more gracefully, but I'm not sure how it would've happened.
  • I think it was some problem with Zutilo. I selected all the files in m database and renamed them again with Zutilo and it fixed the problem for most of them. For a few dozens I had to re-add them again which was a pain. :/

    I didn't manually change paths before Zutilo so something might've happened when switching between systems. I don't know.
  • Does Zutilo provide a way to fix such paths? Given that this was almost certainly just something you did when manually editing paths in Zutilo, this isn't really something we're inclined to add code to automatically fix in Zotero.
  • Yes, I already fixed it. I had to select all the items and click "Rename Attachment". Don't worry about this more and thank you.
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