publication column for report and case

I can't figure out what corresponds with the publication column for reports and cases. for reports, I'd like for the publication column to show the institution that published the report. For cases, i'd like it to correspond with the kind of item it is - brief, perhaps. But i don't know what field to put that information in to in order to make that data show up.
  • Institution in Report is Publisher, not Publication.

    There's no equivalent field in Case.
  • is there an equivalent to publication in report?
  • No, because reports generally aren't part of larger publications. (The main exception would be authored chapters that are part of larger edited reports, which if we supported would likely need to be a separate Report Section item type.)

    Are you just trying to get things to show up in the items list, or is there metadata you're having trouble storing in an existing item type? The question of what fields exist on items really only concerns the latter, and in that case we'd want an example of data you weren't sure how to enter.
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