[Better Notes for Zotero] A Knowledge Based Note Manager in Zotero

  • I'm currently using Zotero 6 and Better Note 1.0.4. Previously there was no problem, but since two days ago, I have been having trouble adding the current link to workspace. A notification appears "Template [QuickInsertV2] Error: TypeError: Zotero.BetterNotes.api.convert.note2html is not a function". Below we have included an image of the error.
    Please hint for a solution.
    Thank You.
  • edited September 3, 2023

    This API `note2html` was introduced in the recent pre-release of BN and 1.0.4 does not support that. Seem like you are trying to use a template that only supports a higher version of BN.

    Please check if you have changed the default `[QuickInsertV2]` and click `reset` that template in the template editor.
  • @hsiangyu_wong Thanks a lot for the hint.
    It's worked out well.
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