[Better Notes for Zotero] A Knowledge Based Note Manager in Zotero

  • I'm currently using Zotero 6 and Better Note 1.0.4. Previously there was no problem, but since two days ago, I have been having trouble adding the current link to workspace. A notification appears "Template [QuickInsertV2] Error: TypeError: Zotero.BetterNotes.api.convert.note2html is not a function". Below we have included an image of the error.
    Please hint for a solution.
    Thank You.
  • edited September 3, 2023

    This API `note2html` was introduced in the recent pre-release of BN and 1.0.4 does not support that. Seem like you are trying to use a template that only supports a higher version of BN.

    Please check if you have changed the default `[QuickInsertV2]` and click `reset` that template in the template editor.
  • @hsiangyu_wong Thanks a lot for the hint.
    It's worked out well.
  • Sorry for asking a question about such basic terms: which is the difference between a note and an annotation? Otherwise stated: what is an annotation?
  • "Notes" are items in your library to take notes like on a notebook. You can have either a Standalone Note or a Child Note.

    "Annotations" are made on attachment files (e.g. highlight annotations), like the comments that you would make in an external PDF reader.

    One of the annotation types is also called "Note". You can call it "Sticky Note" as in Adobe Acrobat or "Note Annotation" to avoid the confusion with a "Note Item".

    See also this illustrated guide: https://guides.library.harvard.edu/c.php?g=1245347&p=9207882
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