iPad crashes frequently

I can’t reliably reproduce this as there is no particular action that seems to trigger a crash. Having said that, I seem to get very frequent crashes while reading and highlighting PDFs. The crash always happens when I am not actually interacting with a PDF, as in I’ll be reading a sentence and Zotero disappears.

Crash ID: 565255694
  • Just happened again while I was looking at my phone (that is, not using Zoter on the iPad at all).

    Crash ID: 1100956598
  • @stjepanovic did you recently (up to a few minutes) use the share extension to save something from safari before you crashed?
  • @michalrentka, sorry for taking so long to respond.

    I did not use the share extension to save anything to Zotero. My only use of Zotero on my iPad is very sporadic and involves just using the app to read and highlight items already in my library.

    It will invariably always crash but does not appear to be triggered by any action on the user end (but could perhaps be a sync issue with highlights or notes).
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