Vancouver Style with brackets and references in alphabetical order

Dear all!
I am desperately searching for a styles matching the guidelines of the "Journal of Midwifery Science":

Basically, a Vancouver style with brackets and references in alphabetical order is needed. However, I was not able to find such a style in the Zotero repository.

"References are to be made using the Vancouver Format; however the citation number is to be enclosed in square brackets (e.g. [1]). Citations referring to the work of other authors which are not verbatim citations are identified by Arabic numerals and numbered according to their alphabetical order in the reference list. Direct citations and those referring to a book must also include the page number(s) (e.g. [1], p. 31-33). The bibliographic details are listed numerically at the end of the article, i.e. arranged in alphabetical order. If possible, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of articles is to be included."

A full text illustrating the style can be found here:

Any help is very much appreciated!!!
Thank you all.
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