Copy directly from PDF with links attached to it.

I remembered using "ctlr + C" to copy texts from Zotero pdf with literature and page info attached automatically behind the text, in Markdown syntax. But when I update to the newest version of 6.06, this seems to be not functioning.

I was doubtful whether this is because of my careless configuration or technical glitches on my device, but I found that both of my PCs failed to work that way for no reason. If that is actually a feature which was cut off in the newest release, please give it another chance back. I love how convenient that is.
  • This should work in 6.0.6. Where are you pasting, and what's the output you're getting?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for doing this?
  • It is quite strange since this is working on both of my devices now. Sorry for my disturbance. I have no idea why it didn't work. Thank you, though.
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