Feature request: easier "Acessed = today"

Perhaps it would be a good idea to add some kind of shortcut for setting the "Accessed" field to the current date. I miss this mostly when I'm manually creating a record, because this usually means this is not an indexed document, and formatting guidelines are likely to demand a "last accessed" date. (That, and because Zotero helpfully autofills this field when automatically creating a record.) Furthermore, there can be a substantial amount of time between the literature review and article submission, and likely some of the references will be checked again in the meantime.

I guess the "shortcut" would not be a keybind, but something like a drop-down with the current date when the focus is on the text box; Or perhaps a button packed in the end of the text box, just like the magnifying lens and the down arrow are packed in the beginning of the search's text box.

See also: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/96328/
  • You can just type "today" into accessed. Does that work for your purpose?
  • Wow, neat trick!

    I don't think adding anything to the GUI would be worth it, then.
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