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Dear everyone,

I am badly in need of some help. I'm writing a book for Cambridge University Press and so have imported the Cambridge note style into Zotero and am using it with the word add in. Or so I thought. Word seems to think I am using APA and so it is outputting the references in that style and not Cambridge note format. ( it doesn't use .pp for page numbers in references, which Cambridge says you must do). It also produces the works cited list in order of the reference being used, not alphabetical order, as Cambridge would like. I'm using Word 365 for Mac version 16.60.

Any suggestions would be very helpful indeed.

Best wishes,

  • Where did you select the style? You select it in the plugin's Document Preferences window, not the Zotero preferences. The latter is just for installing/removing styles.
  • I did select it in the plug-in, but thanks for the suggestion. I just checked and it’s definitely Cambridge note in the plug-in document preferences menu
  • Switch to IEEE and back to your Cambridge note style. That should get the citations re-rendered afresh.
  • Thanks, in the end it turned out the style was loading up fine but it was missing the sort element for the bibligraphy, which was present in the cambridge notes CSL file. So I copied it over and it worked fine.
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