Citations tree pane is too narrow and (seemingly) cannot be adjusted in word plugin.

edited April 29, 2022
When adding a citation via the plugin, there is pane showing the tree on the left hand side. Unfortunately if the tree is more than 4 or 5 levels deep, one cannot see the folder labels or eventually even the folders, and so the tree cannot be navigated to find the citations.

Currently I can work around it by going into Zotero, finding the folder, then going back to word to add the citation from that specific folder selected in Zotero, but it is very tedious.

Allowing the pane to be adjusted in width would fix the problem, as the two other panes to the left are superfluously large. Even if the pane was fixed to be some proportion of the window, that would work too as expanding the width of the window to the screen width would force the folders at the tree tips to be visible.

Attached here is a picture of the problem, as you can see the folder labels become invisible rather quickly.
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