No Zotero link when copying highlight to Obsidian

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  • I get the text and citation copied over (when copying a highlight and pasting into a document) but not the zotero link. Is this expected behaviour?
  • Zotero copies Markdown with links, which you can see by pasting into any regular text editor. You have to change a setting in Obsidian to stop it from removing the links:
  • the plugin that "bibnotes-formatter" in Ob meet your requirements
  • @dstillman Thank you, that works, but then sadly it includes the \ symbol in my note which doesn't happen when that's turned on (I have my notes formatted as an obsidian callout). I'll have to think which is preferable for me.
  • @CaoKang sadly I can't get that to work for me. I have my zotero annotation template set up to be formatted as an obsidian admonition, and the plug in renders that as one long string of text. But it looks really promising, so I'll keep my eye on it.
  • @erazlogo thank you. That does a super nice job at bringing across all my notes in a nicely formatted way. However, it's not easy to see as this thread was split off, but it was about copying and pasting one highlight or note from the PDF to Obsidian. As my note template starts with the the code block back ticks in order to format as a call out, I have the choice between Obsidian killing off the link but respecting the formatting, or including the link but putting \ between each `.
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